Passionate. Committed. Experienced.


At the helm of D’Lauro and Rodgers, you will find Alfred Ferraro, who prides himself in having built a successful company that simultaneously values excellent quality and superior client relationships. As a founder and the current president of D&R, Mr. Ferraro is responsible for coordinating all of the company’s activities. His firm belief in honesty, open communication, and exceptional quality shapes the foundation on which D&R executes on its commitment to its clients. On a day to day basis, Mr. Ferraro devotes much of his time to overseeing all of D&Rs projects, ensuring that all schedules are met and that budget constraints are maintained. Following the completion of each project, he prepares a detailed analysis of D&R’s schedule and financial performance, providing detailed and specific feedback into D&R’s bidding, budgeting and project scheduling processes in order to maintain or improve each of these processes for future D&R projects. All D&R employees report to Mr. Ferraro, allowing him to continuously promote the culture he has strived to create within the company.

Having started in the business in 1970, Al brings an extensive breadth of experience to his position. Prior to founding D&R, Mr. Ferraro spent ten years with Integrated Industries Incorporated, first as Tenant Build-out Coordinator and then as Director of Property Management, where he worked with individual tenant prospects, providing both cost and construction schedule estimates during the development of floor plans across various properties. Mr. Ferraro then secured appropriate subcontractor proposals, negotiated contracts, and provided the day-to-day supervision of the required construction work through to its completion, tenant acceptance and move-in. As Director of Property Management, Mr. Ferraro’s focus shifted from the day-to-day supervision of tenant renovation work to the supervision of subordinate tenant coordinators, which allowed his scope of activities to expand and include the development of overall property operating budgets, the negotiation of maintenance contracts such as HVAC, lawn care, snow removal, security services, janitorial services, etc. In this capacity, Mr. Ferraro also supervised the collection of delinquent rents and was responsible for the maintenance of overall landlord-tenant relations.

Throughout his career, Mr. Ferraro also spent ten years in sales engineering, estimating, and plant operations management for Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. and its affiliated companies where he reported on the daily operations of the equipment manufacturing operations.

In his free time, Al enjoys playing golf, spending time with his family and dogs, and listening to the Grateful Dead.