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Account Executives, We Don’t Want Your Experience, We Want Your Future

Pretty frustrating isn’t it? You work hard to get in to and graduate from a
great college. You landed your first job in sales at a major payroll company
or other large organization; you went through a rigorous sales training
program only to become a number in a company with no passion or career

You are ready to put your talent and drive to something that you are
passionate about but it seems like companies are only hiring people with
more years of experience than you have been alive. Actually, it’s very

Big Mountain, a leading visual graphics company, is
ranked as one of the top 10 printing agencies in the United States by Large
Format Magazine. When it comes to the really big ideas, no one generates as
much creative “electricity” as Big Mountain. We are looking for a few
exceptional sales oriented individuals looking to build a career as a
professional B2B Account Executive to immediately fill a few positions in our
Philadelphia, PA headquarters.

WARNING: This is not a job it is a CAREER!

Our Account Executives spend the majority of their time booking and going on
client presentations. You must be a self starter and team player prepared to
put in long hours in exchange for a six-figure career. If you are looking for an
easy sales job, keep looking. This is not for the short-term job seekers. You
must be willing and able, to aggressively, build a book of business that will
eventually gross seven figures.

To join our team you must have:

• A competitive drive to be the best.
• Unbelievable work ethic.
• Enthusiasm for life.
• Maximum up to 3 years sales experience.
• A demonstrable desire to excel in a competitive environment.
• Proven critical thinking and problem solving skills.
• Outstanding organizational and time management skills.
• Exceptional interpersonal skills.
• Excellent team leadership skills.
• An interest in working in a dynamic and rapidly changing/growing
• Superb relationship building skills
• Excellent telephone & presentation skills
• Bachelor’s degree from a four year university a must!

Please urgently submit your resume to

Big Mountain is an EEOC employer