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Big Mountain gives back with
Lite Rock/Miss America Food Drive

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Beach themed mural unveiled at Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall

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Interview with Jason Cardonick, President of BMI

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Artist brings 3-D pavement art to Grand Canyon in 1st semi-permanent display in North America

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Change the Architectural Landscape

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Last-minute Adjustments

Big Mountain Imaging started in Philadelphia a little more than 10 years ago. “We began as a grand-format facility with two Vutek 5300s,” recalls president Jason Cardonick. “We were mainly producing billboards for casino clients in Atlantic City. That’s an industry for which speed is a critical component of their buying decisions. At the time, our client was buying from a company on the West Coast that wasn’t able to meet their same-day, next-day needs. From there we were able to pick up some additional casino accounts, and became at one point the primary billboard printer for every casino in Atlantic City.” Read More -

A World of Panes

While challenging, window graphics put retail promotions front and center. Window graphics have emerged as a key advertising medium, particularly for retail firms. Print providers focusing on the niche know how valuable their output is for clients aiming to put promotions right in front of patrons’ eyes. “It’s a major component of the retail campaign at street level,” said Steve Kinney, vice-president of sales and marketing with Portland Color, a 30-year-wide large-format printing company in Portland, ME. “If it’s done well and done right, and I’m speaking of the creative execution, not just the materials used, you’re bringing people off the street and into the store with the message you convey.” Window graphics can be a profit center for your shop as well. But gaining those profits requires surmounting a learning curve, grasping the challenges of installation and fending off rival providers in an ever-more-competitive field. Read More -$6237

Heeding the Signposts

When it last focused its sights on the billboard market a year ago, Wide-Format Imaging’s message was simple. The conventional wisdom guiding printers of big highway signs had, if you’ll pardon the quip, gone by the board. At the time, we interviewed Jittu Sarna of Dallas-based Inkjet International Ltd. Sarna’s shop had been launched in 1995 to serve the billboard marketplace. But it had since entered other faster-growing markets. The need for diversification was the result of the growing challenge of gaining sustainable profits in billboards. Read More -$2903

POP Goes the Market

Retailers go big with point-of-purchase advertising When designers are looking to spice up a room, they want something that “pops!” When retailers are looking to spice up sales, they turn to POPs. Point-of-purchase (POP) and point-of-sale (POS) signage have proven to be effective sales tools. They help draw in customers and influence them into spending more money once inside. Wide-Format Imaging recently contacted a variety of printers from around North America to find out what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s happening in the world of POPs and POS’. Big Mountain has seen a shift in the use of POS signage. “Efficiency and cost consciousness have become much more of a factor,” said Jason Cardonick, president, Big Mountain, Philadelphia, PA. He says advertiser have come up with more creative methods of getting their brand to the consumer and have had to rely on more non-traditional methods of advertising. When the economy was flourishing, Cardonick said advertisers were relying on more traditional brands of reaching consumers. Today, they have to look for more cost-efficient products, more environmentally friendly, and faster-to-market substrates. “At Big Mountain, we are constantly trying to find products that reach more people for less money,” he said. “We have utilized our trade-show segment product mix to appeal to a diversity of end users and advertising agencies.” Cardonick credits his company’s PES240 fabric material and the ability to print white directly to acrylic as examples of huge wins for Big Mountain. “We have seen the demand for our capabilities on the POP/retail category more than double in past three years,” he reported. Read More –$6725

Raising the Game

Most would agree that Times Square is the Mecca of out-of-home advertising, what with virtually every building front or window space for several blocks filled with massive, flashy signage. So how do you make window graphics for the Times Square flagship Toys “R” Us stand out from the crowd? The design teams at Clear Channel Spectracolor and Big Mountain Imaging thought that graphics with a three-dimensional appearance might do the trick. Working with Clear Channel Spectracolor, manager of the advertising space in question, the print shop created window graphics to promote Nintendo Wii Sports Resort featuring a Frisbee “flying” from one side of the building to another. Big Mountain Imaging received the graphics from an outside design firm, Goodby Silverstein Partners, as FTP files. After the necessary color and scaling corrections were made in the prepress files, the print shop began the final output using its EFI Vutek UltraVu II 5330 and Mutoh ValueJet printer. A Nintendo representative approved the graphics onsite. Read More -

Big Mountain Imaging: Customizing Luxury

As part of Philadelphia magazine?s Design Home 2006?in which the publication coordinated the construction of a 9000-sq ft customized home boasting ?all the luxuries you can imagine??Big Mountain Imaging (BMI) donated its services to create and print custom digital wallpaper for six rooms in the house. Working with Alex Cole Interiors, BMI art director Lesha Meyer developed themes for each room using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator: Tuscan and contemporary for the game room; a faux hammered-copper ceiling in the study; sepia-tone countryside design in the powder room; Jack ?n? Jill bedrooms with pink/silver horizontal stripes in one bedroom and a fashion-designer theme in the other; and the adjoining bathroom combines the themes of both bedrooms. Proofs of the final designs were delivered as PDFs for approval; final color approval required hard-copy proofs. Read More -

Big Mountain Imaging finds peak performance in VUTEk UltraVu presses

August 30, 2002 – Big Mountain Imaging set itself lofty ambitions when it named the company after Everest and Kilimanjaro, the largest mountain in the world and the largest mountain in Africa respectively. It also takes its inspiration from William Blake who once wrote, ‘Great things are done when men and mountains meet.’ Big Mountain Imaging puts it more simply with its marketing slogan, “We Print Big Stuff!” And what is says, it does. Its banners, billboards and murals cover everything from the Caesar’s Palace casino in Atlantic City to the boxing ring arena at Madison Square Garden. For “Big Stuff” it needs big machines. Since the company launched three years ago it has operated nothing other than VUTEk large format inkjet printers. Its latest investments have only recently come on stream – a four-color VUTEk UltraVuTM 5300 and a eight-color VUTEk UltraVuTM 2360, which have been added to its existing UltraVuTM 5300 printers. Read More -